By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

17 November, 2021

Protect our environment: our wildlife; our wellbeing.

To The SWD Committee

Dear Committee

I live in Waterloo Quay and as a neighbour and local resident I wanted to express to you my sincere thanks for all the work that you have currently carried out to date and continue to do so on behalf of all residents who will be affected by the infill of the docks should planning permission be approved.

It is with great sadness that the people of Liverpool are once again, being subjected to the erosion of their historic Dockland and precious wildlife.

There appears to be little resistance by the incumbent council representatives in the area to block the proposals put forward, proposals that include infilling a significant portion of dockland to enable the building of two fourteen storey apartment blocks.

My concerns are that the environmental and social effects of such a development would be:

· Loss of habitation for the local wildlife, including Swans, Geese, Cormorants, Waders and marine life

· Increased Carbon Dioxide exposure because of the photosynthesis process being reduced due to water mass reduction

· Historical Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) will be compromised

· Increased Noise Pollution

· Historic Walls that have ran the length of the dockland for decades are in-part being demolished

· The City’s Heritage further decimated

· The introduction of natural light inhibiting structures to current tenants

I am sure that you have brought these concerns on many occasions to the attention of the LCC decision-makers.

I would also like to mention that there is a significant landmass within the waterfront that would accommodate brown belt building without the need for any of the disturbances mentioned above. Also, Liverpool has an abundance of vacant properties near the waterfront that could be refurbished, whilst maintaining their historic exterior architecture.

The Planning Processes throughout the country are without doubt heavily influenced by the significant few who stand to capitalise on these type of investments – this has to change to ensure that voices, opinions and concerns of those most affected are heard, taken seriously and acted upon.

To this end, I fully support all your efforts in stopping the infill of the docks and would like to volunteer my time if you think that I could help out in any useful way.

I will as you suggested contact my MP and I am happy for you to share my concerns with your supporters on your website should you think it appropriate

Kindest Regards

Maria Coughlan

Resident and Neighbour of Waterloo Quay

Residents Letter - environmental and social effects