By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

28 June, 2020

Values of Liverpool City Council - Respectful and Accountable?

Thank you for the opppotunity to have my say in residents letters.

The recent outcome of the FOI was audacious and shocking. If we can't trust the Council, a public service - who can we trust?

- 'Open, honest, trustworthy?' 'Exists to serve, safeguard and represent the interests of its citizens and communities.'

Really? The outcome of the FOI would make the most trusting citizen question the above values in this case. Information provided during this FOI request was false and evidence provided 'opposite of what Liverpool City Council claimed.'

- '...empower citizens and stakeholders to work alongside us to achieve our vision.'

Really? It seems the FOI researcher was blocked at each attempt to get validated information from Liverpool City Council having to resort to the FOI Commissioner. The outcome is damning of LCC.

- 'Improve health and well being for all, prevent ill health.'

Really? 18F/3247 has been in the planning system for over eighteen months now. Achieving the outcome of the FOI was tortuous and involved many hours of perseverance.

Our community has been perceived as a 'development site' rather than a residential community first. We have been disrespected and ignored. We feel we have no control or say over what's happening to our home environment. Dignity and respect are fundamental needs critical for well being.

The Dock is residents only space for sitting out and yet we are subjected to consistent intolerable noise which reverberates around the dock; dust; construction debris littering the dock, recently injuring its wildlife and we are suffering a plague of rats.

The IOM and link road is due for completion around September. WE WANT IT TO STOP THERE.

A resident of Waterloo Quays Community

Liverpool City Council Values - must be called into question. Outcome of FOI debacle