By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

15 August, 2019


Dear Joe Anderson

Play your cards right and you can retain WHS status and have EFC’s iconic new stadium on the Waterfront.

Both our Premiership teams are , after all , part of the City’s rich heritage and Everton’s new stadium is a perfect fit for the Bramley Moor Dock and the Waterfront. Everton’s lengthy consultation plans aim to respect and retain the existing WHS buildings within the site, and will ensure that the ‘new’ sits comfortably alongside the ‘old’.

All you have to do Joe, to keep UNESCO happy, is to abandon the hideous and costly idea of infilling the historic West Waterloo Dock and the building of 6 skyscraper apartment blocks thereon. The proposed tower blocks are absolutely alien to a WHS, having no maritime relevance whatsoever, and pose a serious threat to EFC’s stadium plans.

Comply with UNESCO’s request to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the Central Docks. This was, as you know full well, a condition of the Outline Planning Permission granted in 2013, and should have been submitted before any Full Planning Applications were considered.

Also, comply with UNESCO’s request to produce a Tall Buildings Policy, and if you must have your cluster of tall buildings, revert to the Outline Planning Permission where the cluster was to be built on the already infilled Victoria and Trafalgar Docks.

The individual planning applications which are presently being submitted for the Central Docks bear absolutely no resemblance to the Outline Planning Permission, and fail to recognise the Outstanding Universal Value of the site.

Joe, you say you want to throw open the North Docks to the general public. On that we can all agree, but do you really think that visitors will come to see tower blocks built on infilled water spaces ?

Build on the heritage of the West Waterloo Dock; the Dock’s history could easily support a new heritage centre on site, an extension of the Museum of Liverpool. There could be a heritage trail linking the two, passing the Three Graces, taking in the new Cruise liner terminal extension and the relocated IOM ferry terminal, and then onwards to the Victoria Clock and Stanley Dock. The Stanley Dock and its wonderful Tobacco Warehouse, and the East and West Waterloo Docks with the magnificent Grade 2 listed Warehouse, deserve every bit as much recognition as the Albert Dock. And, of course, the docks and waterways link all three.

In short, Everton’s stadium already has overwhelming local support, and will surely be accepted by UNESCO if you appease them by complying with a few demands which LCC agreed to some years ago.

World Heritage status means much more to us all than a ‘plaque on the wall’. Box clever Joe, and you can have your cake and eat it.