By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

24 June, 2019

Support for Save Waterloo Dock Campaign - ''

There is a growing list of eminently credible objectors to the destruction of this Historic Dock. If this happens we will surely lose our World Heritage Status.

UNESCO; English Heritage; Historic England; Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service; Local Historians including Dr Frank Caryle; Hidden Liverpool; Local Heritage Groups and climate/environmental groups;

Louise Ellman MP - Louise Ellman Liverpool’s MP for Liverpool Riverside had objected to the infill of West Waterloo Dock on three points:-

‘Loss of historic amenity’

‘detrimental to residential amenity’

‘threat to marine/wildlife’

Local Councillor Lisa Gaughan 'I will be working with all the residents to ensure this scheme does not happen';

Councillors Malcolm Kennedy and Joe Hanson stated,

‘West Waterloo dock is one of the oldest docks in the city and should be preserved for future generations of the people of Liverpool'.

Its removal, they state, sent out the wrong messages across the country and

‘flies in the face of the Capital of Culture if we are going to pull down, rip up and fill in anything for a quick profit’.

We have been supported by local media in getting our messages across speaking on the Roger Philips Show, Radio Merseyside and Radio City and our story has been covered and continues to be so in a highly regarded and award winning community newspaper in the heart of th Kirkdale Ward.

Petitioning at Greaty Market, the famous Liverpool Neighbourhood HUB, the campaign team had local people queuing up to sign and voicing strong concerns about this issue; the risk to our world heritage status and frustration at our council leaders no longer listening to what people have to say.

Who is objecting? Support for Save Waterloo Dock Campaign