By the Save Waterloo Dock Team

18 June, 2019

Local Knowledge - ‘Our everyday Reality’ Based on your experience of Living in the Warehouse and Quays how will you feel affected by the plans for the proposed development?

We need you to write to us (only needs to be a sentence or a short paragraph ) about how you are affected/will be affected from a personal perspective. This should read like “my everyday life" scenario; “how it feels to live here”.

It could be about the potential loss of a historic dock and heritage; or how the current development has impacted, for example one neighbour says they are now in constant shadow and never get the sun on their apartment; one neighbour trying to enhance entrance one by planting cuttings; flowers and bushes have had to move them over the road alongside the car park to ensure they get some sun because now entrance one side no longer gets the sun at all through the day.

How is it is affecting/will affect your everyday practices and routines, i.e. transport;

Could be about your fears and anticipations; speculation or a practical common sense view.

Some people may have stories about how they connect to where they live and what it means to them; for example - parents born in the area, daughter feeling like ‘its coming home to my roots’/3rd; 4th; 5th generation or it being an entirely new place which someone wants to attach to and call home.

Your opinion should count and we hope to ensure whatever happens the Council; councillors; MP’s planners; developers etc can't say they didn’t know.

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Local knowledge - Can you help us?!