Waterloo Dock is under threat.

This campaign aims to protect Liverpool’s unique heritage against destructive development proposals.

  • What We Are Fighting For

    To Save West Waterloo Dock. One of the great docks that grew out of Liverpool’s transformation from a backwater town trading with Ireland, to the dominant mercantile city of an Empire..

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  • History Of Waterloo Dock

    Designed by Jesse Hartley to accommodate large sailing ships, it mainly focused on the transatlantic trade between Liverpool and the USA and West Indies. These links with the USA made Waterloo the ideal location..

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  • How to Help & Fundraising

    The millionaire speculators who want to fill in this most historic of docks have very deep pockets. So we need top quality legal advice if we are to stand any chance of halting their plans - and saving the city’s World Heritage Status. We have set up a JustGiving page...

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